Behavior Interactive revealed that at the 4th anniversary of Dead by Daylight, May 26, 2020, they will celebrate with a special flow for fans. They will speak not only about the history of the game over four years, but also their process of development and their plans for the future. And of course, it would not be a flow of development without a kind of revelation, which they promised, but without giving any clues about what it could be. PSST, I m not detective but it could be a new killer …

The director of Dead by Daylight, Mathieu Côté, said: We are very happy to celebrate another incredible year in the story of Dead by Daylight. The game changes and always improves. We brought you a lot of really cool stuff this year and next year will be even more intense. This last chapter is a very emotional step for us and we can not wait to share it with you. Join us while we celebrate the year 4 of Dead by Daylight! »

Of course, just like the other panels currently occur, the flow will be done from the homes of individual developers, joining each other through a call. I m sure they will talk about working in these conditions and how it affected their work, negatively or positively, a subject that I find fascinating to hear.

So, do you have predictions about what revelation could be?

Source: Thegg