Pulp Fiction already appeared in 1994, but enjoys great popularity. With Deathloop, since the 14th of September there is no official game, but one that is ideal for all those who already liked the movie of Quentin Tarantino. There are many reasons for that.

Will now go to the Pulp Hero: Buy Deathloop

From style to the story

The first thing of Deathloop’s style stands out. Because the orientation is based on the pulp magazines from the 1930s to 1950s , the pulp fiction even gave their name. Your memorable design was created because they were printed on cheap, wood-containing paper. Her stories often turned to criminal cases and for their impact dialogues and violence they were famous.

The fact that Deathloop is based on it, you already noticed in the first seconds of the official release trailer, if you explain protagonist Cole with a metaphor, like the island of a broken record . For this purpose, the Ingame graphics always deviates short players who are modeled on one of the classic comics .

Brachial like Vincent and Jules

The similarities continue with the main characters. Vorige-Gangster Vincent and Jules from Pulp Fiction are orderattectors who are little subtle to work. Not for nothing is one of the most famous scenes that, in which the two board very brudiat out of the way.

Cole is also as an assassin on the road and has to do a total of eight goals to finish the time loop. Although he can serve quietly and creeping, but they can also let the weapons speak and clear every ice cold out of the way that puts themselves in the way. Also optional it is say something! To call!

Time strip instead of non-linear narrative

Another aspect of Pulp Fiction, however, Deathloop implements its own way. The film of Quentin Tarantino is known to say that it does not tell the sequence of events in chronological order and jump between different stories, which take place at different times.

Deathloop plays the same time. However, using a time loop . Because every day at midnight the clock is turned back on the island and the day starts again. Protagonist Colt must therefore be fast to neutralize all of its line within a single time loop. If he is not that, he has to start over again.

A wild mix that works

Thus, Deathloop manages to implement a very unique movie style as a game and has success! On Metacritik achieves the version for the PlayStation 5 entire 88 points , based on 74 reviews reviews.

The enjoys great is similarly impressed by this experiment and awarded 90 points and thus not only a platinum award , but also one for game design. The criticisms can be counted here on one source.