Already on the 23rd of July – ten days after the disclosure of his farewell of VfL Bochum – the Routinian had a photo of his signature shared under a new contract via Twitter. Diverse rumors rumored in the weeks, whether the new destination of the VBL single winer of 2017. Since Friday morning, it is clear: The native Berliner returns to his homeland and closes to the Bundesliga club Hertha BSC for the coming season.

I was active in recent years for some clubs. But now I finally arrived where I want to be, says ‘Cihan’ in a dramatic like pompous trailer to his arrival at the Old Lady . The 45-second video begins where the FIFA journey of the new and old Berliners had begun: in his childhood, playing with the brothers and cousins. About his first larger tournament in the Olympic Stadium to its most important successes – the three German championship titles.

New double function as a player coach

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And with Hertha BSC, it should become as a fourth triumph as possible: I’m not only players, but also coach. And together with the guys we want to get the first shell to Berlin. Something surprisingly, the announcement of the double function takes place as a player coach, a new role for the 28-year-old.

The bliss is Yasarlar to suppire, on Twitter he announced his change to the capital with no pleasure with joy in words. For me as a native Berliner, a dream comes true. The season can begin. That the appreciation is based on reciprocity underlined Hertha BSC. We are very pleased to win a successful as experienced Esportler for us in Cihan. He is very acknowledged in our industry and will enform us with his mentality, emphasizes project manager Efootball Dennis Krüger.

‘Cihan’ last again in top form

‘Cihan’ had returned after some molding low in the past season at VFL Bochum at ancient performance, thanks to its 22 victories, the Westphalia secured the first place in the Division North-West of the Virtual Bundesliga Club Championship. The Berliner will build on this quality when the first VBL title is targeted in the history of the association. In the past season Hertha as a table sight of the South Division made the leap in the final chance, where there was a fc of the later finalists FC St. Pauli.

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