A tripwire is an easy triggering system. Commonly, a cord or cable is connected to some tool for spotting or responding to physical movement.

Until yesterday, John Gibson was the CEO of the Editorial Tripwire Interactive (Chivalry 2, Manerater). However, he has now resigned after he speaking positive about Texas abortion law on Twitter. That earned him many criticism of the game industry.

** What kind of tweet was that?

I am proud that the #USSUPREMECOURT has supported Texas law that prohibits abortion in babies with heartbeat. As an artist, I do not make a politician very often. But with so many vocal colleagues on the other side of this topic, it was important for me to express myself as a pro-life game developer.

John Gibson via Twitter

However, this Tweet earned him many criticism. The developer Shipwright Studios, who worked on games such as Chivarly and Manerater, even canceled all contracts with Tripwire Interactive.

The study behind Chivalry 2, Torn Banner Studios, was also distanced from Tweet and emphasized that this opinion did not correspond to that of the developer study (via Twitter).

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That has happened now in a statement, Tripwire Interactive announced that John Gibson had resigned after the testimony of him. He now will be temporarily represented by Alan Wilson, one of the co-founders of the company, as a new CEO.

What’s behind the law? Texas law establishes that embryos can not be aborted after the sixth week of pregnancy. From that moment, the first beats of the heart are heard, which turns the child into a living being. However, critics say that very few women have realized that they are pregnant by then. In addition, the law does not exceptions for incest, child abuse and rape. However, now there has been a small stage victory through which abortion clinics are exempt from the law for the first time (through tagesschau.de).

In addition, individuals can engage in civil actions against anyone who helps pregnant women find or find information about an abortion. These assistants can be sued for up to $ 10,000. It is considered the most strict abortion law in the US. UU and President Biden also pronounced against it (through Zeit.de).

Your comments from him despised the values ​​of all our team

What is said in the Declaration? The company said Gibson’s statements ignore the values ​​of the team, partners and a large part of the community. The Directorate of Tripwire deeply regrets the statement and acted accordingly:

With immediate effect, John Gibson has resigned as Executive Director of Tripwire Interactive. Alan Wilson, co-founder and current vice president, will serve as an executive director interim.

In the later course of the Declaration, Alan Wilson, who has been part of the team since 2005 will be presented in more detail and has helped in all important areas.

In addition, Tripwire would like to take more measures to seek dialogue on the subject with employees and partners:

Alan, along with the rest of the Tripwire Leadership Team, will take measures to address employee concerns and partners. This includes the celebration of a public meeting throughout the company and the promotion of an open dialogue with Tripwire’s address and all employees. The understanding of it of both corporate culture and the creative vision of our games will lead the team through this transition, with the total support of tripwire executive fellow.

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