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The CEO of Paradox Interactive, Ebba Ljungerud, has decided to leave the cost of CEO with immediate effect, according to a drop. Paradox Interactive is a video game editor based in Sweden as reyes crossed III and ciudads: horizons. The output of Ljumerud apparently occurs due to different points of view on the strategy of the company in the future. Ljungerud is the general director of the company since 2018, when she replaced Fredrik Wester. Wester continued to serve as Executive President of the Board and now he will occupy the position he previously played for 10 years. The President of the Board, Hakan Sjunnesson, praised the mandate of Ljumerud as Executive Director.

Ebba has done a fantastic job as CEO of Paradox Interactive. During the leadership of it, the organization, the base of players and our games projects have been strengthened and grown, which gives the company a solid basis for future growth. We regret that she has decided to resign, but I wish her all the best in future projects, Sjunnesson said in the press release.

On Twitter, Ljumerud referred to her departure and she seemed not to have more than good wishes for Paradox Interactive in the future. She also addressed the worries of a fan, declaring that the company is very good and safe hands.

What a trip has been ❤️ but now it’s over and the torch of the CEO returns to Fred. Thanks to @thewesterfront @pdxinteractive and all our incredible players during these years, I look forward to the new great things that will come for games and the company!

  • Ebba Ljungerud (@ebbalj) September 1, 2021

RaiderZ in 2021

Unfortunately, it is difficult to say what the future is holding for Ljungerud, as well as for Paradox Interactive! The history of Wester with Paradox Interactive and the Ljungerud statements should help alleviate any concerns about any direction towards which the editor is moving. Shakes are not infrequent in the videogame industry, and it is possible that the future vision of the Board simply does not fit with that of Ljumerud. Hopefully, this change will be beneficial for the company and for fans in the future.

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