Recently, the state of Texas massively tightened its abortion laws. Pregnancy breaks are now prohibited after the detention of heart tones, even in cases of incest or rape. This is usually the case in the sixth week of pregnancy, most people notice a pregnancy but only between the seventh and the ninth week.

In addition, Texans are asked to reimburse display if they suspect someone of the abortion. Even persons who help in some way with abortion, have to expect a minimum penalty of $ 10,000. Texas has so to speak a bounty exposed to women, as some users formulate on various social media platforms. Even the current US President Joe Biden condemns the new abortion laws.

The new regulations are definitely very controversial and organizations such as The Satanic Temple are currently working against this for the fight. The company Lyft also explained in an opinion that it will be charged for all legal costs of its drivers among the new abortion laws. One of the few advocates of these architectural tightening is the president of Tripwire Interactive John Gibson, as he describes in a tweet:

_ I am proud that the US Supreme Court confirms the Texan Law, which abortions for babies with a heartbeat. As an entertainer, I will not often politically become political. But with so many loud colleagues on the other side of the topic, I held it for Important to perform as Pro-Life game developer. _

Gibson’s support for the regulations has been predominantly negative. So the Gears-of-War inventor Cliff Bleszinski asked him to seize him. The reaction of the God-of-War Directors Cory Barlog fell much more energetic:

_ How can someone be proud to claim the rule on the personal freedoms of a woman? _

Even direct partners of Tripwire Interactive were not satisfied with the statement Gibson’s at all, which made under Andreme that Shipwright Studios, which worked about three years with Tripwire, terminated contracts with the publisher:

_ We can not work in good conscience with Tripwire under the current leadership structure. We will start with immediate effect with the termination of our existing contracts. _

Also addressed Torn Banner Studios, which recently celebrated the sale of over one million units of their Game Chivalry 2 together with Tripwire Interactive, the statement Gibson’s opinion on Twitter:

_ We do not share the opinion, which has recently expressed the President of Tripwire, the Publisher of Chivalry 2, recently in a tweet. This perspective is not shared by our team, nor reflects themselves in the games developed by us. The statement is in contrast to our attitude towards women’s rights. _

From Daniel Link
06.09.2021 at 18:30

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