According to Unionen unions and Sveriges Ingenjörer who sent a questionnaire to publisher employees led to the EBBA Ljuerund, Paradox Interactive frequently would frequently suffer from harassment and discrimination problems on the background of silence.

The Swedish Breakit website reports the results of this survey conducted in August of 133 employees of a publisher who today employs more than 400 people in his Stockholm HQ. According to these results, 44% of the employees surveyed say they have experienced _Maud Treatments as part of the work. Women, who account for 26% of respondents in the investigation, are 69% to report having experienced aprusionments abusive, compared with 33% among men who are of course majority within the effective. Brimades and sex discrimination are part of the most common problems cited.

The investigation also points to the finger a culture of silence within the company, in which it is almost impossible to find an employee who has undergone an abusive treatment that his case has been supported appropriately or even resolved afterwards. Internal perception is that the authors of inappropriate acts are protected by the company. The offensive treatment is a systemic problem and far too frequent at Paradox_, concludes the report of the unions, which was submitted last Monday in Marina Hedman, Director of Human Resources, then at Ebba Ljungerud, who still exercised his function of CEO.

In response to the report, Paradox Interactive intends to conduct its own internal investigation with staff. According to Loic Fontaine, in charge of the Group Communication Department since January 2020, Paradox intends to use the trade union investigation to merge it with its own internal investigation and take action. _Paradox is using an external and neutral company to conduct a thorough review of our processes and a comprehensive investigation with employees., Wrote the Paradox Communications Manager.

The publication of this survey occurs just after the announcement of the resignation of Ebba Ljugerund as CEO since its appointment in February 2018. Paradox Interactive had cited the differences on the corporate strategy to adopt at the ‘future_ to explain this departure and replacement by Fredrik Wester, who already occupied this post of CEO previously. Paradox Interactive ensures that there is no correlation_ between the results of the investigation and the departure of Ljuerund.

This is not the first time that Paradox Interactive is targeted by these kinds of problems. In September 2020, it was the staff of the Quality Assurance Department that spoke to denounce misunderstandings, weak wages and poorly managed dismissals. Employees had spoken on the Rock Paper Shotgun site a few months after the signing of a collective bargaining agreement between Paradox and the Union Union, it to offer employees a formal structure to better influence their remuneration, their benefits and their responsibilities.