On the official website, the developers of Bohemia Interactive spoke on the future of the Free2Play shooter “Vigor” and announced, among other things, a comprehensive upgrade for the PlayStation 5.

Bohemia interactive did not give a concrete date to the PS5 upgrade so far and only speaks that it will appear soon. Among other things, the technical improvements that “Vigor” gets donated as part of the PS5 upgrades, including a representation in liquid 60 images the second. In addition, the developers promise an optimized graphic, short loading times and fast streaming assets.

Further improvements should follow

“After Vigor had found it’s running on PS5, it was pretty easy to lift the frame rate on 60fps. Now that our goal is reached, thanks to the more powerful hardware, we can stream all assets faster, shorten loading times and make the browsing in the shelter menu more smoother than ever, “says PS5 upgrade.

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And on: “Divide Vigor 60fps is just the beginning. The possibilities offering us the PS5 enable us to offer our players even better gaming experiences. Next, we are planning to use the extra power that we receive from the console to improve image quality. Johanny mentioned that our team increase the target resolution, increase the quality of the shadows and would like to sharpen the overall picture. But we still have to investigate it. “

Should Bohemia Interactive donate an appointment of the PS5 upgrade from “Vigor”, you will learn it from us immediately.

Source: Vigor (Official Website)


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