Mr. Bitter, they played for the HSV for almost ten years, return to the Hanseatic city after five years. Which feelings is the return to Hamburg?

With all, many positive feelings. I have always hoped that it goes back in this direction and my claims with that of the HSVH match. That it worked, makes me very happy and happy. I can be here again in my city. I had a great time in Stuttgart, a completely different than before the HSV, but an exciting. Nevertheless, I always shot after Hamburg and the guys pressed the thumbs.

With the HSV they celebrated the German Championship, the DHB Cup, the Champions League. In 2016, the time took a sudden end there with insolvency. Which memories do you have specifically to the last, heavy months?

You always remember only the beautiful things, but that’s not true. I have displaced this hard time a bit. Nevertheless, many have made their way out of this team. No one is somehow under the wheels, which is beautiful. At the moment it was crass for everyone, but we all successfully challenged new challenges.

It was always my great desire to return here, but these conversations also had a certain charm.

Johannes bitter about Barcelona’s offer

What was crucial for you to return to HSVH?

Especially my home. I also know many employees of the newly educated club. It was also a great goal to be back in my children in Hamburg. That was a big point.

Before making your decision for HSVH, an offer should have been submitted by FC Barcelona. How far were the talks advanced and why did you decide at the end against the reigning Champions League winner?

We talked, the request was there. But I’ve opted relatively promptly and for HSVH, which may not be able to understand. For me it was clear that this should be my future and here I have a long-term solution. I’m back where I belong. It was always my great desire to return here, but these conversations also had a certain charm. But there has been reason and especially the heart.

What are you trusting the HSVH short to medium term?

We have great goals, want to stay in this league. This is a bigger goal than for some might become German champions. It is a huge leap from the 2nd to the 1st league. Since we have set ourselves a great goal, but it is not unrealistic with the reinforcements we got.

Untertorst Jansen has taken the club a remarkable development, he first led the team to the 2nd and now in the 1st Bundesliga. What distinguishes him as a coach?

He has seen everything as a player and worked up as a coach. He started with A-youth, then participated in the climbs with his current team. He has a big rest, is very heartily. He tries to take the team with their characters as they are there, and do not want to resolve great. Torsten goes with a lot of input and fun ran to the matter to let people develop. He himself continues to develop, now the next step waits with the Bundesliga.

With them, Manuel Späth or Casper Mortensen, HSVH has set experienced players in the transfer summer. The way back to the Bundesliga helped young players. How good does the mixture fits between young and old in your opinion?

It was essential to help older and experienced players. This can also be seen at all teams who have fought in recent years around the league. You do not necessarily create that with players who do not know that. We now have what has been given to the prescribed and not come because of the great sums, but because of the great team and city. So we have a realistic chance, if everything runs well, to achieve our goal.

If you need to determine: What was for you der transfer of the summer in the Handball Bundesliga?

Probably Yuri Knorr to the Rhine-Neckar Löwen. I have known him about for one and a half years. He always seemed older and drowned when he was actually. The Rhine-Neckar Löwen have done much properly with the transfer – for the club, for Juri and also for the national team. That’s a win-win situation.

The risk distinguishes me: Read the interview with Top Talent Knorr

Viran Morrosin this summer, Mathias Gidsel next summer: the Füchse Berlin continues to set up. You know sports board Stefan Kretzschmar and Managing Director Bob Hanning well. Can the capital soon look forward to a serious title candidate?

These are two very well-known access. In a big city like Berlin you can not only swim somewhere in the long run, but you have to show you and the people delight. We know that in Hamburg too. In Berlin, last, you may have liked more successes. With such transfers one draws attention. That’s good for the league, good for the club. And Gidsel is probably already der transfer of the next summer.

HBL: These new entries are already fixed for 2021/22

Who will be in the season 2021/22 German Master and why?

I think that the THW has bomb chances again. This is a team that completely bonds, which happened as good as nothing. Everything could grow together with Jicha. You have to pass the THW to have opportunities – and that will be hard this year.

Several of their former national team colleagues play at the Mt Melsungen. In your opinion, what is the reason why the club could not attack the Bundesliga top despite many top transfers in the past?

There is madness many good players, because not only melsungs has some of them. But someday you have to come in. In melsungen you always feel that the next step follows. And I also know that it only has to explode once, and then they are hard to stop. At some point someone will turn the right screw and then it will start. It takes all time, but the club stands to his concept.

Time have to get others now.

Johannes Bitter

Speaking DHB: The national team has lost four players from world-class format with them, Steffen Weinhold, Uwe Gensheimer and Hendrik Pekelerauf. What is the most important thing in your opinion, to make the change in the DHB team successfully?

It was already clear that something happens after the Olympic tournament and you will see a change. This is also available in other nations. The most important thing is now to build a width in the national team. The young players have to gain experience in ordering the best possible team in the next cycle. We have allowed us to experience that we are slippery early. And only so we could at some point can bring a good performance. Others have to get the time now.

At Olympia, they showed recently top performances. Henning FritzSprach in the League interview before the tournament, the advantage of the least pressure on them. But what do you see the secret of your constant strong appearances?

We had a great preparation, through my knee surgery and the subsequent infection was all sewn on edge. I have given everything because I absolutely wanted to be there at this tournament. Henning Fritz does not unjust, because I do not have to prove anyone anyone. But we have many players to which that suits. At least I enjoyed every minute.

You have already experienced some national coach. Which impression did Alfred Gislason leave with you and what do you dare to believe in the next year despite the personnel?

Alfred is a coach, the teams to lead. We all know what we have played for a tournament. It was neat, sometimes even very good, but we could not exist against the Egyptians that day and that hurts. Alfred has generally made a totally sovereign and handball-loving impression on me. But he also knows that we did not have the individual players like other nations, the games decide completely alone. That’s not negative to see, we knew that before. He tried to make the best possible structure. I find, we have done a lot quite well and on the one day was Egypt, which has developed phenomenally, just better. interview

Fritz over the goalkeeping question: Jogi bitter has the least pressure

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