Developed by the Studio Enlighteed Robot, Naser: Son of Man is a mixture between Shooter and platform set, in 2D and horizontal scrolling. A well-pricked formula that the Austrian developer intends to explore at a rather original angle: a dystopia located at the end of the 19th century and where an army of robots led by Great Britain has conquered the whole world and plunged it into darkness . A story that Enlightened Robot illustrates today with a new trailer.

We are in 1875. Led by a hand of iron by Queen Elizabeth Zero, Great Britain lifted a formidable army of robots and, in the space of one year, put the world on his knees. Only Persia had managed to resist him, with the help of a mysterious magic crystal protecting the assaults of the invader. Until a traitor does not manage to subtilize this one and delivers the country to the robotic armies. The country fell but Naser, the Prince of Persia, resuscitated by the will of God to oppose the queen and liberating his country from the tyranny of the latter.

War robots trailer | Трейлер

In addition to a rather original context for a game of the genre, Naser: Son of Man seems to enjoy an artistic direction and a rather neat realization, as evidenced by the last video broadcast by Enlightened Robot. In addition, the studio promises us a balanced formula between action, platform and puzzle. Side action, Naser and enemies can protect themselves behind some destructible decoration elements, obliging them to constantly move on coverage. Our hero can even invoke the hand of God who will come for example to hit or push the enemies, or even give them a finger of honor, like that, for pleasure.

Enlighteed Robot also promises a dozen different weapons, three worlds to go and different costumes for Naser. Band-sound side, dubbing will be provided by recognized professionals, such as Steven Hartley ( The Witter 3 , HELLBLADE: Senua’s Sacrifice ), while music will be the subject of an ambitious orchestration, that the studio promises _epic and striking. Naser: Son of Man is developing on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC but no release date has yet been advanced.

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NASER: SON OF MAN – Trailer Rise of the last savior