One of the great reinforcement areas in which Riot Games promised to focus on the next season of League of Legends have been the runes. The big changes will have to wait until next year, but the developer wants to be hurrying some more subtle modifications to try to polish systems with balance sheet adjustments to the last section of the current campaign. A first step that will be given on patch 11.17 with adjustments to fast feet .

A controversy decision for a forgotten rune

The fast-feet rune has been maintained for a long time. An alternative used very circumstantially by some shooters and abused by the Melé champions that need some additional life theft. In most cases, far behind conqueror , compás Lethal or Intensified attack and the rest of the popular alternatives of League of Legends. However, the adjustments have harshly attacked the usual users of this election by limiting their ability to get life.

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Although Riot Games has tiled these improvement changes, we are at best before an adjustment . The maximum power increases, but also the difficulties to take advantage of it. In this way, there seems to be a marked intention to modify its use so that the line phase is harder for all the characters that do not have excessive facilities to hit rivals directly through a basic attack.

According to the calculations of the community, the difference is more than remarkable.

The effect of the changes will make the champions obtain a healing of an almost 50% lower value during the first levels. A situation that is magnified as it increases the game leaving the figure in ridiculous 35 health points when reaching the highest level. Thus, the community has harshly criticized the decision of the developer, assuring that it is actually a reduction of power for many champions that has been makeup to not appear as a ‘nerf’ on the next League of Legends patch .