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Architect of hell is a new independent title by Woodland Games and Leonardo Interactive. Built as a simulator game in Architect of hell you can be in charge of your own new circle of hell, you will periodically get new sinners join your ranks and, although you are responsible for maintaining your sanity under control while you attend your basic needs, You will also have to make sure that these sinners are being properly punished. As you generate more resources, you can update the tools and buildings available to torture these sinners in new and creative ways. On the Steam page, developers compare hell architec t to games such as oxygen not included and guardian of the dungeon if you are familiar with that title. In this Architect of hell Guide for beginners, we will review the different resources that will try to accumulate, information about its SINNERS to which you should pay attention and what to do when loading your first game to stabilize your Sinners. .

Architect of hell Guide for beginners: resources and its purpose

At the top of the screen, you will notice a considerable amount of different resources to collect. They can be divided into a variety of categories according to their importance and for what they are used.

The first of these resources is to maintain its population, these population resources include the following:

You can get ingredients like fungi and meat from the buildings, these will be added to your list of ingredients. From here, it’s a sinner to work in a building like the Food Truck to convert raw ingredients into food. You will always want to make sure you have food and beverages available for your sinners so that you can meet your needs. Each of these menus can be expanded, this will help you discover why your food truck (which needs mushrooms and meat) may not produce food for your sinners.

For construction, it has a completely different list of resources, most of which can extract from the ground. As the game is lateral scrolling in 2D, you can see all the resources in your circle of hell from where you are. This helps a lot if you know that it only looks for a certain resource and where you can find it. There are also crystals that you can pick up and allow you to investigate new projects to build, giving you access to more advanced structures. The last type of construction resource is what you get directly from the Sinners. This includes suffering, which accumulates when subjected to your sinner to torture, and the essence, which you get to sacrifice a sinner.

  • Normal materials
  • Research materials
    • Blue crystals
    • Green crystals
  • Sinner resources

Architect of hell Guide for beginners: Statistics of sinners to take into account

The sinners are your work force in Architect of hell, although it only begins with a few, their sinners count will increase continuously over time. Let’s say hell is not about to run out of new arrivals. It is your work to monitor your statistics, put them to work and make sure they have an agonizing moment in hell. Actually, there are many things to pay attention when you take care of your SINNERS, so let’s try to divide it in what you need to keep them alive and what you can do to emphasize your production.

How do I keep a sinner live in Architect of hell?

Each sinner has some criteria that must be constantly met to survive. Those criteria are; How much meal have eaten, the water they have drunk, how much they have rested and if they have gone to the bathroom recently. If there is little food, or there are not enough beds for everyone, you can let one of these needs deteriorate a bit, but if these needs are not satisfied, then the sanity of sinners begins to decline. Once the sinner’s sanity reaches zero, they fall dead and are eliminated from the game (although there is a way to bring them back). It is very important at the beginning of the game Build a stable base of these resources for your sinner because what is hell if there are no sinners?

One of the special constructions that you can do in the game is called Limbo Gong. With this article you can bring to any of the sinners who have passed away in your hell circle at the expense of additional suffering. This price increases with each sequential use.

What makes each sinner unique in Architect of hell?

It is not enough to keep each sinner alive in Architect of hell, it is also about optimizing how they are used. A sinner can have certain levels of skill, construction, excavation and brewing. Each of these skills will influence how good they are in certain tasks. Obviously, a sinner better in the kitchen can cook faster / generate more food. In the short term, it means that you can put a better excavator in the mines and progress faster while the chef stays and cooks for the colony, but sinners can also improve their skills. Even the worst excavator with enough practice will explode with the best!

Each sinner will also have a trait and a sin. The features are additional benefits, generally related to the preference torture of a sinner. The iron maid is a bleeding torture, so a sinner with the bleeding feature will win twice as much suffering when he is inside. The feature will help you accelerate, but sin will normally do the opposite. These are random obstacles to your sinner, like you will lose food twice faster or digest cava than others. This will help you to inform you of the situation you want to keep that sinner away.

The best part of all this is that it allows those who want to really get into the optimization of arquitect of hell the opportunity to do so, but if you just want to let your sinners go crazy, it is likely that you have a little slower time moving forward In the game, but you will get the same enjoyment.

One of the special buildings you can create is the Hell-Ployment Center, with this you will get the ability to block sinners inside or out of specific features. If you have a sinner with a truly poor excavation statistic, you can make sure he never pick up a shovel again. Only another way in which you can really reduce the playing field and optimize your hell circle.

Architect of hell Guide for beginners: initial steps for stability

  1. You want to gather all the resources to keep your sinners alive, this means a place for them to eat, drink, make your needs and sleep. As new sinners will join routinely, it will definitely be smart to accumulate food supplies that will last a bit. It does not have to be good food, you just want to produce a constant supply.
  2. Once all your sinners can stay for themselves, you will want to start building torture devices to begin to accumulate suffering.
  3. If you have additional sinners, now is the time to look for some earth, mineral, etc. and build your base.
  4. Once you have accumulated some suffering, start improving food production and other resource providers. It is also good to update what is causing you suffering.
  5. This should be enough to start earning a stable environment.

You will want to wait until you have a healthy income from suffering and sinners to build the Gong limbo before you begin to accumulate essence actively.

Architect of hell is now available in Steam. If you are not very sure if you will enjoy the game or not, there is also a limit free version of the game called hell architect: prologue to try it.