One of the great particularities of Riot Games as a developer is its strange perception of privacy. League of Legends players have received negative answers on numerous occasions when they have suggested alternatives to, for example, to appear disconnected in the game. However, they will now take a different procedure with Valorant, where users will be allowed to hide sensitive information to prevent it from derived in toxic behaviors by the rest of the players.

A measure that we would like to see in League of Legends

After receiving a large number of requests, One of the next Updates of Valorant will allow players to not show the account level . A decision that the developer has taken because the alleged mismatch between the range of players with respect to the hours played was giving rise to situations in which some reproached others their supposed lack of ability.

The problem with respect to this situation comes when we compare it with League of Legends, where similar situations can be given due to all the information about players that can be obtained in external tools. This week, a player came to ensure that he was tired of his record of him was reason to receive the harassment of his allies in the games because of him with a certain champion. A situation that can also be given by accessing the number of disputed items.

It is evident that Valorant and League of Legends are completely independent experiences with different development teams. However, seems a contradiction from Riot Games to carry out such different measures in both titles considering that they have similar repercussions when determining the behavior of the players. A situation that perhaps requires a cross-cutting decision that affects all company games.