One of the great goals of Riot Games with Valorant Throughout the latest updates has been polishing the game systems. A great transformation that has affected different areas included in the ranked in which the ranges were the great pending subject. The Distribution of players along the qualifying staircase showed a worrying tendency to group the community in the lowest seasons that, after months of requests, the developer at last is willing to solve.

The error of the ranges and the next great goal of Riot

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The next act will mean a great modification in the range of players, so that Almost all the fans of qualifying items will enjoy an increase even if their performance does not improve at all. The reason is that the highest areas of the classification are practically depopulated. A situation that can generate frustration among the players and that it is not effective when it comes to determining the true level or carrying out mats. Thus, Riot Games has shared both the current situation and the objective after the next large patch.

With these modifications the Valorant rank system would have a distribution more similar to normal , so that skill requirements will relax a bit to accommodate a greater number of players. From Riot Games they have also wanted to put a visual example of how this distribution would be throughout the different leagues of each large category.

The situation has already improved a little over the latest updates, but this great transformation will be the definitive element to make adjustment . No player is nice to have a qualifying position, but that in theory corresponds to him and thanks to this element it is very possible that the frustrations of the community relax. Although hard to master, Valorant wants to be an accessible tactical shooter and Riot Games is willing to prove it.