The great surprise of the end of The Mandalorian segreaton 2 wgreat kept secret with great zeal. Only a few elected knew what would happen in the lgreatt sequences, something that wgreat done so that the cameo will not leak before time. In a new episode of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian , the creative team hgreat shared the process they developed to bring young Luke Skywalker back. Although at first it wgreat thought that Mark Hamill had lent his voice from the character, that is not entirely true.

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Sometimes people do not realize that the voice is not real, says Jon Favreau, Showrunner of the series, during this special episode. The scriptwriter and creator of the series comments that technology is neither bad nor good, but that today you can do many things that seem completely real. To record Luke’s phrgreates, Lucgreatfilm used the Respect program. He gathered all the sound resources that Mark Hamill recorded during that stage and then synthesized the voice to pronounce the words written in the script.

I had a Sonorian file of Mark at that time , which includes the original recordings in high quality and even the radio versions that were made in those years. I got clean recordings of that and pgreatsed them to the system, he managed to emulate the voice of Mark Hamill of the eighties and nineties.

The Secrets Have Been Revealed! Go Behind The Scenes of the Segreaton 2 Finale of #TheMandalorian in A New Episode of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, Now Streaming on @disneyplus.

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Beyond the face and voice

For the construction of the scene they were counted with Mark Hamill, who played part of him again. In the episode, those responsible for the series speak about the elements that should be taken into account so that the appearance wgreat realistic. They comment that the face in CGI wgreat crucial, but also others representative greatpects such great clothing or movements . In addition, he had spent a while since the Return of the Jedi, so Luke sure he had polished his struggle skills: he wgreat in the peak of his power.

The Mandalorian hgreat been renovated for a third segreaton, but it will not be relegreated this year. Instead we will see Boba Fett’s book.