While Lillia is not the great absentee of the year, Riot Games has plans for Give him another push to be more viable in the games of League of Legends . The goal is not the one that Draven has, rather, it is only sought that has more presence , but without suffocating the metajame.

As we already talked in this publication, WorldS 2021 looks at a more varied goal, with surprises selections and that really nourishes the Hype of the fans. Precisely because of that there will be a round of considerable buffs and nerfs on patch 11.18 *, with the risk of perhaps beyond the line. If this happens, the balance sheet will have to leave aside your temporary experiment policy to reverse them. At the end of the day, nobody wants a League of Legends with more problems in the balance area.

Said the above, maybe You do not have to fear so I could come for Lillia . The Buffs of her are in the category of small pushes characters who were essential in the professional game in the past. If we take a look at 2020, we find that the cervatin did not take off from the jungles in several regions. This thanks to the practical of the skill set of it, combination of items at that time and damage.

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What are the tentative Buffs to Lillia for 11.18?

Riot Games catalogs changes to Lillia as less risky , since they know they do so in professional game. At the same time, it recognizes that it is not about characters that completely change the rules of the items: they are, to a certain extent, more boring and direct to the grain. Before sharing, we must emphasize that they are mere suggestions and not an advance of what will arrive in version 11.18. Also, are adjustments to base statistics , not so much passive changed or something like that.

Without more, check out the tentative changes for Lillia:

    • Base and radio attack speed: ** .625 -> .640
  • Base Life Regeneration: 1.5> 1.1
  • [passive] Regeneration of life against large monsters: 18-94 -> 24-101

It is not sure that the settings reach the PBE , much less that there are confirmed modifications for 11.18. However, it is confirmed that the balance team has in sight one of the characters that took over the jungle by 2020.