After being left fallow for a year, the very popular Farming Series Simulator will return to Farmcon 21. The online event will be hosted by the developers of Farming Simulator Giants Software and broadcast on Twitch, promising to reveal new features of Game and technical improvements. found in the next title.

Farming Simulator has sold more than 25 million copies since 2008 on consoles, PCs and mobile devices. The series found an internet worship and, in 2019, the creation of an agricultural esport league, the Farming Simulator League (yes, it’s real) allowed to launch the series to new summits of success. Unfortunately, Farming Simulator 21 has been delayed because of the current pandemic, but later launched this year under the name of Farming Simulator 22.

Farmcon is the official community event for players, streamers and Farming Simulator, and this year’s event will include developer interviews, questions and answers, draws and even the opportunity to discuss Directly with developers via dedicated channels on the discord server of the event. The Giants Software, Ammann, said, We are already delighted to present our first self-published game to our own Farmcon. Although we would have liked to see our fans and partners in person this year again, we will take advantage of it to reach as many fans of Farming Simulator as possible and show our new game in the world.

Of course, what would be Farmcon without agriculture? Farming Simulator 22 should be the first self-published title of the series, because Giants Software will be both developers and publishers. Farmcon will present game windows over the three days of the event, showing its new seasonal cycle system, new maps and improvements in the quality of life of previous slices. It can be expected that an exit date for the game is announced during the event, but for now, all we know is that it will be in the fourth quarter of this year.

The Farmcon 21 will take place from Wednesday, July 21 to Friday, July 23 on the official Twitch Giants Software chain.

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