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Where to find Twin Mag Smg in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Fortnite Battle Royale continues to evolve with the launch of Chapter 4, Season 1, which presents a range of new firearms in the set of weapons. One of those weapons, in particular, is the powerful Twin Mag SMG, a fast-shot automatic SMG that has a double-sided charger for a fast extra recharge. If you are curious to put your hands on this new weapon, here are a complete guide to find the Twin Mag SMG in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

Twin Mag SMG location in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Like other weapons, the Twin Mag SMG appears on the ground as a normal loot in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. Players can also find it inside the chests and supplies of supplies.

Image source: epic games

Since it has multiple generation locations throughout the island, finding a Twin Mag SMG is not a discouraging task. So let yourself fall into a random place of the island and take the weapon of the ground, chests and supplies of supplies, and you will be ready to start.


Twin Mag Smg-Statistics and oddities

Twin Mag SMG is available in five different variants: common, unusual, rare, epic and legendary. Here are the statistics for each variant:


damage sixteen
Head shooting damage 24
Fire speed 13
Magazine size twenty
Recharge time 1.3 seconds


ammunition Light
damage 17
Head shooting damage 25
Fire speed 13
Magazine size twenty
Recharge time 1.3 seconds


damage 18
Head shooting damage 27
Fire speed 13
Magazine size twenty
Recharge time 1.3 seconds


damage 19
Head shooting damage 28
Fire speed 13
Magazine size twenty
Recharge time 1.3 seconds


damage twenty
Head shooting damage 30
Fire speed 13
Magazine size twenty
Recharge time 1.3 seconds

There you have it. That is all you need to know about finding Twin Mag SMG in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. To get more information about the new season, be sure to consult our guides on the size of the Fortnite update Chapter 4 Season 1 on all platforms, How the Fortnite map is seen chapter 4, as well as a list of all the new ones, vaulted and weapons without saving in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

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FIFA 23 Bergwijn & Aaronson SBCs

The 2022 Qatar World Cup content simply continues coming in FIFA 23 Ultimate Group, and we can’t get enough of it!

Expiration Date: Saturday, 3 December.

SBC Requirements.

The requirements are as follows:.

Start Date: Friday, 2 December.

Reward: Premium Gold Load.

Steven Begin (OR 86).

You will require to send different two squads to open the 86-rated Begin card for your Ultimate Group squad.

  • IF Players: Minutes 1.
  • Squad Rating: Minutes 83.
  • of gamers in the Team: 11.

Leading Kind.

Take a look at the cards for Holland’s Steven Begin and U.S.A.’s Brendan Aaron son and how you can unlock them in FUT 23 below.

EA has continued the festivities with yet another World Cup-themed Showdown Squad Structure Challenge in FUT 23, along with the release of the World Cup Stories promotion squad.

84-Rated Team.

Approximated Cost-50,000 (PlayStation & Xbox).

  • IF Players: Minutes 1.
  • Team Score: Min 83.
  • of players in the Squad: 11.

Reward: Little Gold Gamers Pack.

SBC Requirements.

  • Team Ranking: Minutes 84.
  • of players in the Team: 11.

You will need to submit 2 different squads to open the 86-rated card, with the requirements as follows:.

Reward: Premium Gold Pack.

Start Date: Friday, 2 December.

Leading Type.

Expiry Date: Saturday, 3 December.

Brendan Aaron son (OR 86).

84-Rated Team.

Estimated Cost-56,000 (PlayStation & Xbox).

FIFA 23 Face-off SBS are a clever but simple idea, that counts on real-world footballing components and results to figure out upgrades to cards.

Reward: Premium Gold Players Load.

Showdown Products Discussed.

  • of gamers from Premier League: Minutes 1.

  • Team Rating: Minutes 84.


  • of players in the Team: 11.

2 cards are launched as Showdown SBS for a restricted time for an approaching fixture, generally pitting 2 relatively similarly matched groups against each other that have an important or intriguing fixture coming up.

Both cards will get a +1 OR Upgrade if the fixture results in a draw.

Once the SBC ends and the game is played, the Showdown SBC cards receive upgrades based upon the outcome of the fixture.

FUT players can then wager on which team they think will win the fixture by completing the corresponding card’s SBC in the hope of a further upgrade.

For the group that wins the fixture, the matching Showdown SBC card in-game will receive a +2 OR Upgrade, while the card from the team that lost the match will remain the same ranking.

NBA News Floyd Mayweather wishes to buy NBA franchise-boxing legends most likely with an eye on growth

Box legend Floyd May weather has actually announced that it would purchase an NBA team.
He has actually been following this project for a while that he has also put a very first offer on the table, the 45-year-old said in a talk.
I am dealing with purchasing an NBA team totally. I have actually been working with my organization partner for a while, said May weather, who did not desire to expose which franchise it is.
For him, an expansion group is just as much a choice as the purchase of an existing franchise.
It could be the Vegas franchise that it might be the Seattle franchise, or it might be a group that already exists, said May weather.
He and his service partner apparently have currently made an offer of over $2 billion.


Do I have the cash? Absolutely, stated the former expert fighter with the label Cash.
Throughout his active profession between 1996 and 2017, May weather made the call as one of the best boxers in the world, in 50 battles he climbed 50 times as the winner, 27 times of it through knockout. He became world champ in various weight classes numerous times
From very feather to half-medium weight.

The Business Magazine Forbes has consistently chosen the fighter to the very best paid professional athletes on the planet, his battle against Conor McGregor 2017 is said to have actually brought him $275 million.
May weather herself announced in 2015 to be more than $1.2 billion.
His various companies also include its own NASCAR group.
May weather is questionable.
In the past, he has actually been sentenced a number of times for assault and domestic violence.
It is quite possible that the NBA would therefore rather avoid May weather.
In any case, he would need to put more than $2 billion on the table to start with the very best basketball league in the world.
The only team is presently the Phoenix Suns for sale after group owners Robert Server has been nearby the NBA for one year for bigotry and misogyny.
Insiders anticipate the sale of the Suns to break new record.
Joe Tsai paid about $2.35 billion for the Internet in 2019, now hypothesizing from a price of more than 3 billion for the Suns.
There were likewise reports about a sale around the Portland Trail Blazers.
Articles and videos on the subject
Curry on fire!
Warriors scratch the three-way record in Minnesota
Experience the NBA survive on DAZN.
Register now!
Can be canceled at any time.
A growth in the NBA is still a couple of years away, presumably it could be in 2024 at the earliest if the league indications a new TV agreement.
Las Vegas and Seattle are considered to be practical candidates for broadening the association.

GTA franchise almost did not exist and rockstar explains why

This is the kind of story we love to hear, especially when it comes to one of the most important franchises of our time. The first Grand Theft Auto appeared in 1997 and the franchise was not intended to be so successful according to its own studio.

GTA was an unexpected success

In an interview with BBC 5, GTA 2 producer Colin MacDonald made some very surprising statements about the success that Grand Theft Auto became. Although today it is certainly one of the most popular franchises, it was originally reserved for a completely different future.


The first GTA title, released in 1997, had no original intention to be what it became, and there were no less than 7 different projects in progress at the time at Rock star North. And according to an internal survey, GTA was the least favorite title of all. The reason ? A totally bugged game in which it was almost impossible to advance.

Subsequently, he says the basic GTA has completely changed, from a game with players in the role of dinosaurs who had to wander and destroy everything in their way, to a car game and a totally new perspective.

A meteoric rise despite everything

The first two GTA’s were clearly not major titles. It was from the third title, GTA 3, released at the time for PS2 in 2001, that success arrived. For the first time, Rockstar Games offered a 3D game with a new graphic engine and, above all, with an open world and a real story highlighting Claude Speed’s character.

The continuation, we all know: the arrival of GTA Vice City and also GTA San Andreas that marked the game industry. But not to mention the monstrous success of GTA 5, which appeared in 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360 at the time and reached a $1 billion record in sales in the first three days of release.

Currently, the company’s flagship has exceeded 170 million sales worldwide, and it seems that it won’t stop there. Rock star is currently producing GTA 6 and promises to be an even bigger title than the fifth game of the franchise.

How to alter the drift key in Requirement for Speed Unbound

Because the name of the game is speed, the perfect drift can quickly decide or break a race. Given that the challengers are more aggressive than ever, it is a crucial factor to understand how to masticate the streets a lot of cash, especially if you wish to put your money where your mouth is.


Gamers who make their way to require for speed unbound can at first discover the control a little picky. While the race feels exceptional, it needs to be tapping on the brakes that drifts can feel a bit weird for gamers. It can take a while for you to get used to this technique, but the gamers might not be mindful that there is a possibility to change how you can initialize a.

How to alter drift designs in Requirement for Speed Unbound

Players who have to deal with the best drift will desire to browse to the primary menu. Discover this menu for calling at the top where the players have the opportunity to see the basic handling and downright long-to-use of a choice at the bottom of the drift entry. There are a number of alternatives offered that provide players the chance to find the most hassle-free option:

With the broad world around the gamer, experimenting is the key. Some gamers will feel more wandering brake alternative, while some can take pleasure in the newly included replicate on gas to drift. For those who only wish to use handbrake, alternative for no one is for you.

  • Brake/gas tap
  • Tap on gas
  • Brake tile
  • None

In this game, whatever focuses on the adjustment, from the players riding their user-image, the possibility of developing the supreme control scheme, players of all experience levels give it the chance to use up the big leagues while making a name on their own in the racing scene.

Required for Speed Unbound is now available for palace edition owners and will be launched for everybody 2. December on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | s and PC.

With this, this is also one of the easiest methods to develop a supply of nitrosis, how to master this particularly challenging train, can assist the gamers to master every difficulty and get the requirement for speed they are worthy of.

  • This article was upgraded on November 30, 2022

While the race feels outstanding, it should be tapping on the brakes that wanders can feel a bit strange for players. Gamers who have to deal with the best drift will want to browse to the primary menu. Discover this menu for calling up at the leading where the gamers have the opportunity to see the general handling and downright long-to-use of an option at the bottom of the drift entry. Some gamers will feel more wandering brake option, while some can take pleasure in the newly included duplicate on gas to drift.

Xbox Game Pass: Free December games are revealed

Every month Microsoft’s signature services add free games to your catalog. In addition to the game pass, which ings titles at the beginning and mid-month, we also have the Xbox Games with Gold, with titles for the Xbox One consoles and series x | s. As other titles are revealed, we at MGG azil will add to our list.

Game Pass: Free December Games

  • December 6-Hello Neighbor 2-Console, PC, Cloud
  • December 8-Chained echoes-console, PC and Cloud
  • December 13-high on life-CONSOLE, PC and Cloud

Remembering that Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will have access to the Xbox Games with Gold service games, as well as the titles listed above. In addition, the second half of December will surely ing new titles for Microsoft’s signature service.

Xbox Games with Gold: Free December Games

  • December 1-COLT Canyon-Console
  • December 16-Bladed Fury-Console

High on Life

The game is an adventure FPS that features the voice actors of Ricky and Morty. You will go into adventures in space, dealing with hostile planets, aliens of various types, but all in a very fun atmosphere.

Your differential is your weapons, which are clearly living and mobile beings, which interact with you and other characters, creating fun moments for players.


Hello Neighbor 2

Hello Neighbor 2 is a game of terror and stealth, but it has a lighter atmosphere that is not so scary, being receptive even for younger players.

You need to find out what your neighbor is up to, but you need to be more expert than him, hide and sneak so as not to be caught at all.

Gotham Knights Gets Massive Brave Attack Update, Spot Notes Revealed

You can examine them out down below if you’d like to discover the complete slate of spot notes for this brand-new Gotham Knights update.

Heroic Assault

WB Games Montreal has today launched a massive new upgrade for Gotham Knights throughout PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC platforms. Given that very first launching at the end of October, the current Batman title from WB Games has gotten a handful of updates that have actually repaired other issues and various bugs. And while spots of this ilk will likely continue to present gradually, today’s new update for Gotham Knights has included an all-new video game mode.

New Characteristic

While this is the most significant brand-new function of this Gotham Knights update, it’s not the only thing that has been included. WB Games Montreal has actually likewise made many balance changes to the title to accompany many other tweaks. Finally, a Showdown mode has also been brought to Gotham Knights and will enable players to take on new supercharged versions of numerous of the game’s villains.

As of today, Heroic Assault has finally come to Gotham Knights as part of this totally free upgrade. Essentially, Brave Attack is an added video game mode that enables 4 players to team up by means of co-op to take on waves of opponents. This mode does not only add brand-new equipment and products to Gotham Knights, but it also incorporates a renowned DC villain.

Journey deep into Gotham’s underworld (literally) and find the mystery waiting for at the bottom!

  • 30 floors

  • New equipment

  • New transmits

  • 4 gamer co-op

  • Launched from gamer’s area in North Gotham or through the main menu

  • Main menu gain access to is available after at first using the North Gotham entryway


The villains are back for round 2! Square off versus supercharged variations of the video game’s main DC Super-Villains, consisting of Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, Clay face and Tania all Gaul.

  • Solo or more player co-op

  • Harder versions of the game’s employer battles

  • Launched from the villains prizes in Belfry



  • HP requirements for Stealth takedowns

  • Manager essential gears requirements and resistances

  • Late video game content

  • AI Spawning closer to the gamer’s level

  • Enemy health has actually been lowered on hard difficulty

  • Weapon and equipment stats


  • Fix for missing out on ability points not approved to the player at times

  • Robin’s Vantage Mine blast radius lowered

  • Robin’s Hanging Vantage Takedown will a little notify enemies instead of revealing the gamer’s location

  • Robin’s Warping Shot ability does not stop armored attacks any longer

  • Repair for AI reaction to Batgirl’s Hacking Overload on non-grounded turrets

  • Robin’s Sideways Takedown ability handicapped on Court of Owl’s Talons

  • Robin’s BO Swing now applies guard break

  • Fixes for Piercing capability icons

  • Eliminated cooldown HUD visual feedback for instantaneous capabilities

  • Tossing opponents will do increased damage. In addition, it will cause the opponent to be shocked

  • Co-op attack damage has actually been increased and will award 1 bar of momentum


  • Ruthless Healing conditional property now working as planned

  • Increased stealth possible stat on stealth equipment

  • Adjustment of CPL value, to make it more representative of the gear strength


  • Simplified and clarified Knighthood challenge goals

  • Increased the amount of Nth Metal awarded by Penguin


  • Minimized Health of the Drone Master

  • Fix for throwing Big Opponents into wall not causing damage


  • Fix for incorrect enemies vulnerabilities.


  • Player will have access to the Cosmic Bat cycle colorway after finishing Batgirl’s Brave Traversal side activity in North Gotham

Equipment drop

  • Repaired last Covert cache not rewarding anything

  • Included a message when plans are automatically transformed into salvage

Employer Fights

  • Fix for Tania getting stuck on a wall without averting

  • Repair for Tania utilizing her bow as a Katina throughout the battle

  • Fix for Batgirl’s Drone staggering bosses

  • Fix for Red Hood’s Focus fire ability being blocked by Employers

  • Fix for Clay face’s spiked attacks on masked Robin

  • Fix for Harley Quinn counter assaulting when being shocked

Picture Mode

  • Included new Body Positions

  • Included Strength option for much of the Filters

When a Body Posture is used), – Added Look at Electronic camera option (available. This choice is replicated to other players

  • Light Rigs are now replicated to other gamers

  • Light Rig worldwide intensity is now higher and each light’s intensity can be individually managed


When beginning a New Video game, – Matchmaking privacy setting choice added

  • Fix for specific criminal activity victims evading the Bat cycle

  • Shutting off the Enemies’ stat display screen in the Options’ menu will no longer make the Informant Icon disappear

  • Red Hood’s laces will no longer stick out

  • Fix for rumble unexpectedly stopping from working


  • Adjusted rumble intensity in different situations.

Added Dynamic range presets under audio choices

  • Headphones.

  • Home Theater (Default and Complete dynamic range).

While this is the most notable brand-new function of this Gotham Knights upgrade, it’s not the only thing that has been included. A Face-off mode has actually also been brought to Gotham Knights and will allow players to take on new supercharged versions of many of the video game’s villains.

WB Games Montreal has today released a huge new update for Gotham Knights across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC platforms. Because first launching at the end of October, the newest Batman title from WB Games has actually gotten a handful of updates that have actually fixed different bugs and other issues. And while patches of this ilk will likely continue to roll out over time, today’s new update for Gotham Knights has actually added an all-new game mode.



  • Night Mode.

The new DC Universe will connect films, series, animation and video games, according to James Gunn

James Gun is more active than ever on social networks responding to fans’ doubts about his new stage at the head of DC Studios with Peter Saran, a creative duo that aims to give life to a new cohesive and more interconnected universe DC than ever. This h recently admitted James Gun himself through Twitter, clarifying that his idea is that the new DC universe connects all kinds of formats to make it a more complete and solid product. And this means movies, series, animation and video games; The dream of any fan.


The new DC Universe will explore unpublished formats

And so far, the so-called DC Extended Universe had a little cohesive direction among its own film films, without practically anything to do with other DC formats such series, films and animation series or video games, more Beyond some punctual wink such crisis in infinite lands.

Now, with James Gun at the head of the new DC stage, the filmmaker intends Ensure that there will be more DC characters television series.

On the other hand, another fan h ked if video games enter the same plan the rest of DC products and if they will be part of the same universe, to which Gun h not hesitated to respond with a categorical yes, giving to Understand that the next DC video games will also be part of the DC Universe. Almost nothing.

James Gun h just releed in Disney+ the Special Christm of Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel Studios; When in 2023 he releed Guardians of the Vol. 3 Galaxy in cinem, the filmmaker will have definitely finished with Marvel to become the singing voice of DC. Although it is already.

Football World Cup 2022 | Germany vs. Spain Niclas Füllkrug, the killer with the tooth space

The German nationwide group reported a 1-1 against Spain at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. In the DFB group, Nicolas Fuller played in the foreground with his objective to equalize. The worldwide presses:

more: The network reactions to Germany vs. Spain.

The Times: Nicolas Fuller, the killer with the tooth space, gets Germany from a deep hole in Qatar..

The German national group reported a 1-1 versus Spain at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. NTV: Super joker Fuller conserves strong DFB team against Spain. The German nationwide soccer team is fighting a late draw in the second World Cup group game against Spain. The German team increases profoundly and fetches the first point at this World Cup against Spain. Thanks to a late hit by alternative Nicolas Fuller, the German national group came to a 1-1 against Spain.

more: All DFB stars in individual criticism.

Deutsche Dating: Fuller conserves a draw against Spain. The German team increases exceptionally and brings the very first point at this World Cup against Spain. It is still possible to move into the round of 16..

The mirror: Fill mug Germany saves a point versus Spain. Thanks to a late hit by alternative Nicolas Fuller, the German national group came to a 1-1 versus Spain. As an outcome, the DFB group continues to have all the choices for moving into the round of 16..

  • We work with affiliate links in this post. If you buy a product through these links, we will receive a commission from the supplier. There are no additional costs for them. Of course, where and when you buy a product depends on you.

Great Britain.

RTL.DE: Germany keeps the round of 16 chance. The German nationwide soccer group plays 1-1 draw in their second group game versus Spain. A later equalizer from Nicolas Fuller maintains the possibilities of the DFB group to the round of 16.

The Guardian: Filling container forces a draw against Spain. Germany can continue to hope for the World Cup..

Kicker: Both jokers stab: Germany and Spain separate themselves. The DFB group combated a point against Spain after a clear boost in performance in the second round and now has a last for development against Costa Rica..

: Spain discovers to suffer versus Germany. The team fulfills a physically more powerful opponent and ultimately has to be content with a tie against the Germans (1: 1)..

Daily Star: Germany’s unusual hero against Spain as soon as had the ravage of a colleague in his head..

NTV: Super joker Fuller saves strong DFB team against Spain. The German nationwide soccer group is combating a late attract the second World Cup group video game versus Spain. Joker Nicolas Fuller secures the point of progressing to the knockout. World Cup is no longer simply in your own hands.


As: The round of 16 at the door. The draw against Spain at the last 2nd conserves the credentials of the German group. Spain is not yet certified, however has the very best starting position..

ABC: Spain does not end the work. Morita ratings the very first goal, however Fuller is stabilized in the last minute. A tie versus Japan suffices for Luis Enrique’s group to move into the round of 16..


Munro Deporting: The group of Luis Enrique continued thanks to a hit from Morita, however Germany endured thanks to a last goal from Fuller..

The Sun: Fuller keeps German World Cup hopes alive with a late equalizer to Morita’s management. On a night when we expected to tell the Germans ‘bye-bye’, they simply demonstrated their age-old resistance..


No video game of the 2022 FIFA World Cup? This TV broadcaster broadcasts all 64 video games live .

El País: Spain knows how to contend. La Rosa responds to a requiring Germany and protects a draw that separates a step from the round of 16 that they could even reach with a defeat versus Japan..

BUILD: Full powder! We are back in the game-thanks to a striker from Welder Bremen!.

Media Problem in the DFB team for player ladies

According to a media report, the surprising household check out to the team hotel of German soccer gamers after the opening of the World Cup at the World Cup in Qatar triggers difficulty.

According to the tabloid, the families of the players were not just allowed to oversleep the DFB hotel one night. Flick even permitted a second night. A decision that was anything however positive even among some national players.

National coach Hands Flick loosely holds the reins after the 1-2 bankruptcy versus Japan. The DFB had confirmed a photo report on Thursday, according to which the females, good friends of the DFB specialists present in Qatar were enabled to spend the night after the opening video game in the Full Health Resort. Flick seemed to be even more unwound.


parts of the DFB choice frustrated by Flick’s decision?

Flick’s choice to let the households to the hotel shortly after the defeat against Japan is not the only one who also makes sure incomprehension within the team, so Build. According to this, his substitutes in the game versus Japan, especially Play Gunboat, are likewise critically eyed.

The DFB had actually confirmed a photo report on Thursday, according to which the women, good friends of the DFB experts present in Qatar were allowed to invest the night after the opening game in the Full Health Resort. According to the tabloid, the families of the gamers were not only permitted to sleep in the DFB hotel one night. The members of the national gamers live in a separate hotel not far from the glamorous accommodation of the DFB choice in the north of the World Cup host country directly on the coast of the Persian Golf.

National coach Hansi Flick had actually allowed some such family reunions for the competition time in advance. The members of the nationwide players live in a separate hotel not far from the luxurious accommodation of the DFB choice in the north of the World Cup host nation directly on the coast of the Persian Golf. Whether the visit is a helpful distraction or an unnecessary interference element will just end up after the competition.

Due to the fact that: Not all DFB stars currently have their households in Qatar on website. The truth that a second night was enabled was too much of great Build from parts of the team.

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