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Where to discover the Rune room in Pokemon Epee and also Shield

Remember that you need to utilize the Pokémon that holds the Rune piece in a battle to obtain double the cash won, so furnish it on a robust and functional Pokémon that you commonly utilize. If you satisfy the difficult clashes, you can always alter the Rune piece on one more Pokémon.

Simply select it up, then go to your bag and equip the Rune piece with a Pokémon from your team. It can be a great suggestion to have a specific pokémon for agricultural cash.

If you are looking to make cash promptly, the Rune room is a necessary element inepered as well as pokémonguard. The Rune piece can assist you earn more money by doubling your incomes by fighting various other trainers. All you have to do is ask a Pokémon to maintain the room, after that use it during all your battles against an additional coach. The Rune piece does not service wild Pokémon.

To double your profits at each meeting with a train is a terrific way to earn even more cash and you can manage to obtain more Poké Balls, remedies and revitalizes you understand what to do. If you desire to make use of the Rune piece, you can link it with the Gigantamax Miaouss that you can get thanks to the secrets presents, after that utilize The Capabilities like Pay Day as well as its Dynamax Gold Rush to make much more cash.

The human livestock horror Before The Night will be released on July 14th. In a world where humans are kept in animals, livestock human beings aim to revive their owner animals

Indie Studio UNEDUCATED GAME STUDIO announced on June 22 that the horror adventure Before The Night will be released on July 14. The compatible platform is PC (Steam/Itch.io). According to the Steam store page, it will support Japanese display.

Before The Night is a horror adventure game. The stage is the world where animals have humans. There are cute animals with intelligence in this world town. Humans also live, but the power relationship is slightly different from the real world. Because humans are livestock bred by wise animals. The average intelligence of humans is quite low (about IQ 40), and bipedal walking does not remain. The owner’s animal is taken care of while being loved like a pet.

The main character is Lisa, a pet human being kept by animals. At the start of the game, Lisa’s owner Alice Alice has already died. Lisa seems to have had a strong bond with Alice, and she is unacceptable. In this world, if there is a flower of life, the dead can be revived. Hope for the resurrection of Alice and the hatred of other animals from Lisa. Lisa aims to get the flowers of life to make Alice come to life.

As a game play, Lisa operates and moves inside the map connected by warp points. Collect flowers of life. Rabbits protect the flowers of life. Rabbits have the key to the road to the flowers. In order to get a key, you can replace the key with the rabbit’s favorite carrot, or use a hammer to take force. Get the key using various hands, open the door with the key and proceed.

As you proceed with the game in search of life flowers, the town comes to the town. Animals, the residents of the town, changed from a cute day during the day at night. It turns into a terrible monster. And the pursuit of fear begins. Lisa must survive this hell by hiding in the grass or throwing a hammer.


At first glance, the artwork can feel cute, but this work is scattered with crazy elements, including the setting of human being kept in animals. The unique design that combines the cuteness and the terrifyingness will be the unique charm of this work.

UNEDUCATED GAME STUDIO develops this work. There are many mysteries, but it looks like a Korean studio. This work has a demonstration version, and it supports Japanese while roughing. If you are interested, you should try it.

Before The Night will be released on July 14 for PC (Steam/Itch.io).

The team battle FPS HYENAS was announced. A spaceship with a non -gravity zone is taken by the Alien: ISOLATION development studio.

Sega announced Hyenas on June 23. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

Hyenas is a team battle FPS. Five teams each fight over the Pop-Culture Artefacts. In this work set in space, it is said that the battle will be seamlessly shifted to the weightless zone, and the battle will be developed while flying around. In the trailer, there were also ways to scatter white foam-like substances and create obstacles and scaffolds. It is likely to be a lively FPS full of gimmicks.

The protagonist of this work is a robbery group called Hyenas, which is commonly referred to as valuables from Mars. The future where people abandoned the earth and moved to Mars. They are fighting over the relics brought out of the earth in the Savan’s Safe in the spacecraft. And they have their own unique abilities. Use Hyena, which was in your play style, to lead the team to victory.

This work is the UK-based developer Creative Assembly. In the past, it is a 35-year-old studio that has developed popular titles such as the TOTAL WAR series and Alien: ISOLATION. The development know-how of the space science fiction title in Alien: ISOLATION will be used in this work. Expectations are high for SF battle FPS that a long-established studio emits the world.

Hyenas will be released for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. The official website is also looking for Alpha Test.

LOL – Patch 12.12: Nerf to Belveth, adjustments to a dozen champions and a great forgetfulness of Riot

After a large period of revolutions, League of Legends Echa the brake with the introduction of Patch 12.12 . With more than half of the season already consumed and all the great changes related to the update to the durability already made, Riot Games now thinks about the introduction of much more moderate adjustments in terms of reach that only try to retouch the title. A return to normal already confirmed that it comes to give us truce until Nilah arrives as a new champion in the following update.

Patch 12.12: A small update that corrects a forgetfulness of Riot Games

The new patch revolves around the need to balance several aspects of the game that have not yet been completely settled. First, we will see a general improvement to the characters that have a pet , since elements such as Tibbers or Margarita were not retouched with the update to durability. There will also be adjustments to healing to start balanceing around 40% of serious injuries or characters that simply receive adjustments in their statistics to balance their power as it has always happened in League of Legends.

We are facing a remarkable update that, despite being much lighter than the previous versions, introduces adjustments to two dozens of champions. A stability search that, yes, leaves some open fronts. The most obvious is that of Wukong that, despite its exceptional performance both in competitive and in qualifying items has not yet received any type of adjustment to balance its power. It will be a matter of time and to wait for the next update.

Of course, we also receive new cosmetics, although patch 12.12 will not be particularly prolific in this aspect. The appearance of Pantheon Guerrero de la Asiza is incorporated into the title to expand the variety of mythical content and will do so next to the Skins Luna Nevada . It is unusual for Riot Games to take out these types of content when the northern hemisphere reaches summer, but we will take it as an invitation to cool off at the hottest time of the year.

Summary of patch 12.12

As usual, later you can find a complete compilation of the adjustments that all champions and objects receive. However, we are going to start with a summary so that the most lazy ones can catch up.

Changes A Champions

  • Improvements: Amumu, Annie, Blitzcrank, Heimerdinger, Iivern, Jarvan, Seraphine and Yorick
  • Nerfs: Bel’veth, Dr Mundo, Fiora, Janna, Lucian, Singed, Viego and Zeri
  • Settings: Katarina, Shaco, Yuumi and Soraka

Changes to objects


  • Improvements: Night harvester, llamaSasombría
  • Nerfs: Snake Fang

Changes to Runes

  • Nerfs: Predator

New skins

  • Ash Warrior: Pantheon
  • Luna Nevada: Caitlyn, Illaoi and Kayn.

Nintendo console cheap on eBay: Switch now for less than 260 euros

Play where as well as when you desire! With the Nintendo Switch V2 you can currently get the useful gaming console for low-cost 256.49 euros on eBay, offered by Saturn. The advantage rate safe and secure yourself with the eBay voucherlvlup _. Simply enter the discount rate code throughout the settlement procedure and also the item winds up in virtual buying cart instead of 284.99 euros. According to the Idealo cost comparison portal, you save around 14 euros compared to the most affordable offer from various other dealerships. The price cut with the code is offered until June 30, 2022 (11:59 p.m.). The shipment is cost-free (all rates and information-as of June 22, 2022).

eBay offer: Nintendo Switch V2 at a financial savings rate

_ * If you finish an acquisition via the web links marked with a star, computer system picture receives a little payment. Our criteria of openness and journalistic independence can be found.

With the eBay vouchers on Computer Bild you conserve cash. In the summary you will certainly locate discount rate coupons as well as activities of the online public auction house. You simply get price cuts for whole groups or specific articles.

Discover bargains on ebay daily.

In enhancement to the Nintendo Switch, you are also looking for a brand-new pc gaming keyboard, a headset, a mouse or a totally various gaming product? Saturn has a lot more strong offers for gamers by June 20, 2022 (8:59 a.m.).

The Nintendo Switch has a 6.2-inch display screen that liquifies with 1,280 x720 pixels. You can connect the console to your television docking terminal by means of an HDMI wire, so you can quickly delight in video games in Full HD high quality (1,920 x1.080 pixels). The controllers (Joy-Cons) attached on the best side can be removed as well as utilized individually for multiplayer fun.


  • 6.2-inch display; 32 gigabytes of internal memory (expanding).
  • Including two controllers and also Joy-Con holder.| You save around 14 euros ** to the competitors.

With the Nintendo Switch V2 you can presently obtain the convenient pc gaming console for cost-effective 256.49 euros on eBay, provided by Saturn. The advantage rate protected on your own with the eBay voucherlvlup _. Merely enter the discount code during the settlement procedure as well as the product finishes up in virtual shopping cart instead of 284.99 euros. According to the Idealo cost contrast site, you save around 14 euros contrasted to the most affordable offer from other dealerships.

Discover a lot more gaming deals at Saturn.

Pokemon Go: How to get King’s Rock (June 2022)

King’s Rock is one of the original evolution elements introduced in the Pokémon franchise that could make a Pokémon that supports it evolves when exchanged. In Pokemon Go it works a bit different. The King’s Rock plus 50 candies is the only way to evolve Slowpoke in Slowking and Polywhirl to Politoed. Here is everything you need to know about How to get the King’s rock in Pokémon Go .

How to get King’s Rock in Pokémon Go

There are some different methods to achieve this element of evolution in Pokemon Go. Throughout the year, there are often special timed events, special boxes in the store and other research tasks that can reward you with King’s Rock. But if you don’t want to sit down waiting for a special event, there are still some more methods you can use.

How to get King’s Rock turning pokestops and gyms

This is one of the easiest methods to start trying. King’s Rocks are still quite rare in Pokemon Go, so you should turn many pokestops and gyms. Even so, it is a free method that will give you instant results. However, the elements that fall are random and there is no guarantee that you obtain some type of evolution element. Fortunately, there is another method that has to do with turning pokestops and gyms, which is a bit more reliable.

Every time you make your first turn or catch your first Pokémon, you will see that a counter appears on the screen that indicates that you have a streak of a certain number of days up to seven. This is where King’s Rock enters.

After an update that was launched in 2017, the seventh consecutive turn of Pokestop or Gym on the weekly streak assured that an element of evolution would be eliminated. A coach must also have level 10 to get articles of evolutionary or poképaradas by any method (weekly or random).

Sometimes you will get a metal layer, a solar stone, a dragon scale or an improvement. But this method that you can do for yourself is the only one in Pokemon Go that will always give you some element of evolution (outside the special research tasks).


How to get King’s Rock opening gifts

Source: Niantic and The Pokémon Company

There is not much in this method. When a gift opened a friend, there will be a small possibility of achieving an element of evolution. The only drawback is that this method depends on your friends sending you gifts. If some of your Pokémon Go friends are not very active or do not care about the gifts, then it can be difficult to get a King’s rock in this way. It is important to keep in mind that you can only get King’s Rock in this way once the coach reaches level 10.

How to get King’s Rock in a special Ripple in Time investigation

This old special research is one of the originals and ended with the players being able to celebrate for the first time in Pokémon Go. If Ripple in Time is over, he will have to opt for one of the two previous methods. But if you have not finished the third part, you are in luck.

If you are in the third part of this research, all you have to do is reach the level of coach 25, use a solar stone to evolve Gloom or Sunkern and hatch nine eggs. Then, a premium battle pass, an encounter with EEVEE and King’s Rock will all yours.

That is all to know about How to get the King’s rock in Pokémon Go . The best advice is to be patient and wait for the evolution element that comes with the seven-day turns of Pokestop or Gym. It is possible (but probably not) to get a King’s rock on the road to the seventh day. In addition, it costs nothing to simply play the game as it would normally and turn a gym or pokestop every day.

Fuence of the prominent image: Niantic & The Pokemon Company

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Bad Homburg: Maria as well as Niemeier in the round of 16

In Bad Homburg, Angelique Kerber (Kiel) is also getting ready for Wimbledon. The opening match of the three-time Conquest victor and also safeguarding champ against Anastassija Gassanowa was disturbed on Monday evening at 4: 2 for the Kieler in the first set, the video game advanced Tuesday.

In the first round of the WTA event, 34-year-old Maria dominated 6: 3, 5: 7, 6: 3 against the Russian Anastasija Potapowa after disturbance in the meantime.

Tatjana Maria and Jule Niemeier reached the round of 16 at the Wimbledon general rehearsal in Bad Homburg. Angelique Kerber, on the various other hand, needs to go once again on Tuesday.

In 2014, after the tournament success in Bad Homburg, Kerber pressed to the Wimbledon semi-finals. This year the emphasize of the grass period in the London All England Club starts on June 27th.

Even after a sovereign performance, Niemeier remains in the round of the last 16. In her opening match, the 22-year-old Dortmundin Claire Liu from the USA struck 6-2, 6-2.

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* Kohli: End of career to Wimbledon

  • Leading sporting activity live on dazn. Register currently! Can be canceled any time.

Basketball: MVP Jackson

The Telekom Baskets Bonn from the BBL lose their best guy. Parker Jackson-Cartwright, one of the most important player (MVP) of the primary round in the past season, will not prolong his agreement. Along with the American, Ukrainian global Alexander Lypowy also goes.


Lypowy (30) returns to the Ukrainian club BC Prometey, that will certainly contend in the Latvian-Estonian organization due to the battle as well as will possibly play his house games in Riga.

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* All games of the BBL Deal With Magenta Sporting Activity

PJC is not just dear to lots of people inside and outside the club due to his accomplishments, so to talk. The economic legislations in expert sporting activities are as they are, stated Baskets President Wolfgang Wiedlich. The departure ought to for that reason not be considered as a company customarily.

Jackson-Cartwright (26 ), initial Bonn MVP in BBL background, had led the group to the playoff semi-final. The Baskets just stopped working at FC Bayern (2: 3). In 37 video games, the active building star pertained to an average of 20.4 factors and 7.0 aids.

Telegram released a subscription for 449 rubles

The free messenger, who defeated Roskomnadzor at one time, acquired a paid version of Telegram Premium with a lot of additional functions, but the cost for the Russian region is still very high.

Downloading video files will no longer present the problem with a paid subscription-the speed restriction is removed. The files themselves can be up to 4 GB. In general, all internal restrictions, such as the limit of channels, fixed chats, etc. are doubled.

The subscription also disconnects advertisements in public channels, makes it possible to put a video avatar, adds a subscriber icon, organizes chats (auto archivation, hiding chats with non-contact), has exclusive animated stickers and live reactions, and also converts incoming voice messages to the text.

On the iPhone, the subscription can be connected through payment by a mobile operator (only MTS and Beeline).

Japan-Charts: Switch with historical turning point as well as Demon Killer in 1st place

The PlayStation 5 pertains to 1,449,424 devices marketed, however was released much later on. Furthermore, the Sony console continues to endure dramatically from the shipment bottlenecks. Microsoft made it to simply 232,364 sales with its 2 Xbox Collection designs.

All Switch models have actually sold 25 million times on Japanese soil. With 18,379,851 million devices, the standard version offered most sales. This is adhered to by the Switch Lite (offered 4,754.257 times) and also the Switch OLED (1,876,296 times marketed).

The complying with list reveals how usually the switch models and all various other gaming consoles offered in the past week:

  1. Nintendo Switch (33.166 )
  2. Nintendo Switch Oled (14,767).
  3. PS5 (11.893 ).
  4. Nintendo Switch Lite (10.503 ).
  5. Xbox Collection S (4,894).
  6. Xbox Series X (1,348).
  7. PS5 Digital Version (547 ).
  8. New 2DS LL/New 2DS (207 ).
  9. PS4 (78 ).

In the computer game, Demon Killer: Kimetsu No Yaiba-The Hinokami Chronicles (Switch) got hold of the leading spot. The fighting game offered a little over 90,000 times. With Mario Strikers: Battle Organization there is one more new magazine with Mario Strikers: Fight League, that makes it to around 32,173 sales. Third place mosts likely to Nintendo Switch Sports, that located over 26,476 customers recently.

Grandma Turismo 7 is the only Playstation game.

The leading 10 in the overview:.

All various other places are also taken by switch titles-except for 8th location. There is Grandmother Turismo 7. Many thanks to more 5,000 sales, Sony’s racing simulation can currently show 107,000 sales.

  1. Devil Killer: Kimetsu No Yaiba-The Hinokami Chronicles (90.885 ).
  2. Mario Strikers: Battle League (32,173).
  3. Nintendo Switch Sports (26.476 ).
  4. Kirby and the Forgotten Land (11.345 ).

  1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (9.320 ).
  2. Minecraft Switch (7.325 ).
  3. Ring Fit Adventure (6.759 ).
  4. Gran Turismo 7 (5.080 ).
  5. Super Knockout Bros. Ultimate (4,953).
  6. Ebaseball Powerful Pro Baseball 2022 (4.073 ).

In the video clip games, Devil Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba-The Hinokami Chronicles (Switch) got the leading area. Third location goes to Nintendo Switch Sports, that discovered over 26,476 purchasers last week.

All Switch designs have actually offered 25 million times on Japanese soil. This is adhered to by the Switch Lite (sold 4,754.257 times) and also the Switch OLED (1,876,296 times offered).

Source: Famitsu .

Further reports on Japan charts.

All other areas are likewise taken by switch titles-except for 8th place.

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